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Category: Beauty School Tips

5 Ways to Learn More About Beauty School

Nov 17 2017

We get it. It’s intimidating to get the post-secondary education process started. College, university or trade school. Which one is the best fit for you? The only real way to answer this question, especially as a high school student, is it do your research. Here at Douglas J Aveda Institute, we see students start this…

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What You’ll Need for Beauty School

Aug 09 2017

Back to school season is here. High school grads everywhere are making a move into post secondary education. If you’re planning on attending cosmetology or esthetics school instead of traditional college, your experience will be different than your friends’. We’re here to help guide you in your journey to getting ready for beauty school. Get…

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Who is Massage Therapy School For?

The demand for massage therapy education is on the rise. More and more people are realizing that it can be a very rewarding career. So, what type of person succeeds in massage therapy school? What characteristics are good indicators that massage therapy is a good career to go into for someone? Here are a few…

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5 Signs You Might Be Perfect for Cosmetology School

Not everyone is cut out for a 9-5 job, and luckily, you don’t have to pursue a job like that if you don’t want to. They say that if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life, so are you ready to find your dream career? Here are 5 signs…

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3 Reasons To Start Cosmetology School This Summer

May 19 2017

The days are steadily growing warmer. The flowers are blooming and you are quickly becoming unable to control the daydreams. Days at the beach, lounging in the sun with a book, starting cosmetology school. No, that last one was not a mistake, although we know what you are thinking, “Summer is not the time to…

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Beauty School Is Possible

Apr 24 2017

We understand that figuring out the financials of school can be intimidating. We also know that it might seem a bit confusing trying to navigating financial aid by yourself. That’s OK! Here at Douglas J Aveda Institute, we have financial aid professionals to help you navigate it all! FINANCIAL AID Financial aid is available to…

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Am I Cut Out for Cosmetology School?

Apr 12 2017

Do you love the beauty industry? Do you love making others feel beautiful? Do you enjoy learning new skills and creating beautiful works of art? Are you hardworking, outgoing and happy? Is one of your career goals to help people around you? Cosmetology school could be your sanctuary. LET’S TALK ABOUT STEREOTYPES Here at Douglas…

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Land Your Dream Job!

Aug 31 2016

One of the major benefits of attending an Aveda Institute is the huge amount of exposure to employers of choice. Aveda Institutes are prime hiring grounds for the country’s most elite salons and spas. That’s not just our opinion: each year, Salon Today Magazine names its “Top 200 Salons” in the U.S. Each year, more than half…

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Making the “Impossible” Possible

Dec 17 2014

One of the concerns we hear most from potential Douglas J students is that they’re afraid to take the leap and attend cosmetology or esthiology school because of other responsibilities. Whether they are employed, have family, or other obligations, some applicants sabotage their own success and opt out of enrolling because they assume they can’t…

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The Five Traits of a Great Stylist

If your younger self routinely chopped not only your dolls’ hair but also your own, your little brother’s, and that kid’s from down the street, you may always have felt destined for a career in cosmetology. However, success in this industry is about more than just early-childhood scissor wielding. Do you think you have what…

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