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Category: Cosmetology

What’s a Hairstylist?

Feb 13 2018

What’s the difference between a hairstylist, a stylist, a hairdresser, a beautician and a cosmetologist? Nothing, really! So what do all these words mean, and are they the same thing? The answer is yes, but some of these words are more culturally relevant than others. Keep scrolling to find out the difference. First, Let’s Define…

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The Post-Secondary Experience: Beauty School or College?

Dec 15 2017

“When are you going to college?” You’re brave enough to reply, “I’m not. I’m pursuing my passion and going to beauty school.” For that, we applaud you; and we know the typical response that provokes: “What about the college experience you’ll be missing?” The answer is: you don’t have to “miss out” because your dream…

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Career Dreams: Editorial Hair Stylist

Dec 12 2017

What is your dream career? Does it involve fashion, hair, models, photography or maybe even advertising? Check out this dream career that could be possible with a cosmetology license! Editorial Stylist What is an Editorial Stylist? An editorial stylist is typically the person in charge of choosing the look of the model before a photoshoot….

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10 Things Cosmetologists Know All Too Well

Nov 29 2017

A cosmetologist’s job comes with a unique set of scenarios and situations you may have never thought you’d encounter before. As with many other professions, there are just some things that anyone outside your job just wouldn’t understand. Here are 10 situations that cosmetologists know all too well, and are totally willing to LOL at….

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How Long is Cosmetology School in Michigan?

Nov 27 2017

If you’re considering a cosmetology education, you are probably wondering how long it will take before you can jump in feet first to a career that you’re passionate about. It is SO exciting to get started on your cosmetology career training, and we hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you can’t start…

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Test Your Makeup Knowledge: Halloween Edition

Sep 13 2017

Think you know the best Halloween makeup practices, techniques, hacks and secrets? Take our quiz to find out if you’re right! Did you score 10/10? It’s time to get trained in professional makeup and beauty! Contact the Douglas J Aveda Institutes to find out how you can get started in one of our Esthetics or…

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Is Cosmetology a Job for the Future?

Aug 21 2017

Imagine: a world out of a sci-fi movie, with new technology and artificial intelligence all around you. The boring day to day tasks are being done by robots, and we’re becoming more efficient as a society. As utopian as this might sound, some might not realize how this kind of automation and technology affects the…

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Student Stories: Madison Marra

Aug 16 2017

Here at Douglas J Aveda Institute, we are all family. From the moment you start classes extending into after you graduate and beyond, we support our students. That’s why we’re featuring a student story from one of our recent Royal Oak campus graduates, Madison Marra! Read below about Madison’s journey and why she chose to…

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Student Stories: Tullio Dimichele

Aug 10 2017

Here at Douglas J Aveda Institute, we take pride in our students and their work. We’ve decided to share the amazing journey of one student who has done great things during their time at our Royal Oak campus. This month’s student story belongs to Tullio Dimichele. About Tullio Tullio graduated from our Royal Oak campus…

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Does a Cosmetologist Have to Work in a Salon?

Aug 09 2017

Where can someone with a cosmetology license work? Do cosmetologists have to work in salons? Here at Douglas J Aveda Institute, we get these questions a lot. The truth is, licensed cosmetologists can work in places that you may have never guessed, and the salon life doesn’t have to be the only option. Here are…

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