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Category: Cosmetology

Test Your Makeup Knowledge: Halloween Edition

Sep 13 2017

Think you know the best Halloween makeup practices, techniques, hacks and secrets? Take our quiz to find out if you’re right! Did you score 10/10? It’s time to get trained in professional makeup and beauty! Contact the Douglas J Aveda Institutes to find out how you can get started in one of our Esthetics or…

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Is Cosmetology a Job for the Future?

Aug 21 2017

Imagine: a world out of a sci-fi movie, with new technology and artificial intelligence all around you. The boring day to day tasks are being done by robots, and we’re becoming more efficient as a society. As utopian as this might sound, some might not realize how this kind of automation and technology affects the…

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Student Stories: Madison Marra

Aug 16 2017

Here at Douglas J Aveda Institute, we are all family. From the moment you start classes extending into after you graduate and beyond, we support our students. That’s why we’re featuring a student story from one of our recent Royal Oak campus graduates, Madison Marra! Read below about Madison’s journey and why she chose to…

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Student Stories: Tullio Dimichele

Aug 10 2017

Here at Douglas J Aveda Institute, we take pride in our students and their work. We’ve decided to share the amazing journey of one student who has done great things during their time at our Royal Oak campus. This month’s student story belongs to Tullio Dimichele. About Tullio Tullio graduated from our Royal Oak campus…

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Does a Cosmetologist Have to Work in a Salon?

Aug 09 2017

Where can someone with a cosmetology license work? Do cosmetologists have to work in salons? Here at Douglas J Aveda Institute, we get these questions a lot. The truth is, licensed cosmetologists can work in places that you may have never guessed, and the salon life doesn’t have to be the only option. Here are…

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Cosmetologist or Esthetician? Which One Are You? Take Our Quiz!

Aug 04 2017

With the rise in popularity of self care, makeup and spa services, it’s no wonder that the beauty industry is booming. With the sky rocketing trends, the job market grows larger, meaning that there are many jobs available. Have you ever thought about becoming a beauty professional? Not sure which avenue would be best for…

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5 Signs You Might Be Perfect for Cosmetology School

Not everyone is cut out for a 9-5 job, and luckily, you don’t have to pursue a job like that if you don’t want to. They say that if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life, so are you ready to find your dream career? Here are 5 signs…

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The Five Traits of a Great Stylist

If your younger self routinely chopped not only your dolls’ hair but also your own, your little brother’s, and that kid’s from down the street, you may always have felt destined for a career in cosmetology. However, success in this industry is about more than just early-childhood scissor wielding. Do you think you have what…

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Five(+) Ways a Hairstyle Can Change a Person’s Life

Sep 23 2014

Yes, beauty professionals make it their mission to improve their clients’ appearance, but that doesn’t mean the positive change they can make stops there. Here are five ways that a hairstyle can make an awesome, so-much-more-than-skin-deep difference in a person’s life. What’s happening IN your head reflects what’s happening ON your head. Our hair is…

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