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Category: Douglas J News

Douglas J Aveda Celebrate 50 Years

Sep 18 2017

Douglas J Aveda Institutes just celebrated 50 years of providing service to our guests and students! From our humble start in 1967, we now have nine locations (six schools and three salons), and are striving to continue our legacy of a great beauty school experience. How We Got Here We started as a small salon…

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Helping Hands: Douglas J Aveda Institute in the Community

Jun 14 2017

At Douglas J Aveda Institute, we believe in working for the greater good for everyone around us. That’s why we are heavily involved with our surrounding communities. Our students and staff are big supporters of our community involvement, and they push us to get more and more involved every year. Here are a few of…

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Douglas J Offering Options For Displaced Regency Students

Sep 30 2016

We are very saddened to hear that one of the partners in our great industry is unable to continue in the business. We have been in this business for 50 years and have deep compassion for all those who are impacted. Accepting transfer students Scholarships: up to $1,500 to day-time transfers and up to $2,500…

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Seven Reasons Why Aveda Institute Grads Have An Advantage

Nov 20 2014

All cosmetology schools are NOT created equal! Certified beauty schools or cosmetology programs are all required to prepare their students for the state licensing exam — teaching foundational haircuts, color, and chemical processes. But Aveda Institutes offer so much more than prepping you to pass that test. When choosing a cosmetology or esthiology school, it’s smart…

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Get Some Class!

Nov 13 2014

Getting a cosmetology instructor’s license is a great step up the career ladder for a stylist. There are so many work options, and teaching what you love is incredibly rewarding. Whether you want to travel nonstop or stay close to home … to teach small groups or theaters packed full of stylists … there’s a…

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Douglas J Alum Files

Oct 15 2014

Ryan Cotton has packed a lot of high-wattage experience into the past dozen years. After graduating from Douglas J Aveda Institute in 2002, Ryan moved to New York City, where his career blew up. Today’s he’s kind of a big deal. Ryan has styled celebrities for the red carpet including Emma Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, Julianne…

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Much More Than Wearing Pink

Oct 13 2014

During October, when everyone from the NFL to major airlines turn pink, we’re feeling especially proud that Douglas J Aveda Institutes and Salons — and our brand partner, Aveda Corp. — have a long and strong history supporting breast cancer research, prevention, and awareness. With women making up 81% of Douglas J’s workforce, this is…

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The High-End Salon Training You Won’t Get Anywhere Else (Why We Teach Aveda Rituals of Renewal)

Oct 02 2014

When you’re attending Douglas J (or any other Aveda Institute) you’re learning an insane amount of information. That should come as no surprise. Aveda Institutes prep their students for jobs in super upscale salons and spas (not to mention in fashion shows, photo shoots, theater, film — wherever your ambitions take you). Besides the skills needed…

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Douglas J Makes Million Dollar Announcement to Benefit Veterans

Feb 03 2014

DOUGLAS J OFFERS VETERANS A FRESH START ON SERVICE LANSING, MI – How do you thank someone for putting his or her life on the line? For sacrificing everything for our freedom? Scott Weaver, President of Douglas J Companies was asking himself those very questions when he realized, the best way to thank someone and his…

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JDRF Press Release

Nov 27 2013

East Lansing, MI–Through in store fundraising and a golf outing Douglas J staff, students and guests helped raise over $90,000 this year for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). Money was raised through donations, small events and large scale events like the Catwalk for a Cure Fashion Show held at the Royal Oak Aveda Institute….

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